About the Gala

The Annual Homeschool Spring Gala, which is hosted by Park County Home School Group, is an annual, formal event designed to be a time of celebration, community, and recognition for home school youth ages 13-18. The Gala is a family event.

We encourage parents and grandparents to attend and celebrate with their home school children and grandchildren. We welcome home school alumni and other special guests. This event is also open to home schooling parents who do not yet have youth old enough to attend.

Our vision is that this will be an event which home school children and youth can look forward to and plan on for years to come. Each year the Gala will feature a unique and exciting theme and will include exquisite catered eats, special recognition for graduating seniors, and an historic, instructor-led ball. The dining, dancing and entertainment is sure dazzle all in attendance. We invite you to join us for this spectacular event!